Weird Foods from Around the Globe

Are there foods that sound so strange and weird that they might make you think twice before trying them? That being said, this piece will talk about five of the strangest foods from around the world. You don’t eat these kinds of foods every day, like Casu Marzu and Century Eggs.

Weird Foods: “Casu Marzu,” or “The Maggot Cheese,”

Weird Foods from Around the Globe

Casu Marzu is an Italian cheese that really changes what it means to be “aged.” Cheese flies can lay their eggs in it because it is left out to rot and ferment. When the maggots hatch, they eat the cheese, which makes it soft and gooey. Would you be brave enough to eat cheese that has worms in it?

Weird Foods: Century Eggs: The Preserved Treat

Century eggs, which are also called “hundred-year eggs,” aren’t really aged for a hundred years, but they do go through a special process to keep them fresh. Clay, ash, salt, quicklime, and rice straw are mixed together and left to soak for weeks or months. The eggs can be duck, chicken, or dove. The egg white will be yellow or see-through, and the yolk will be creamy. Are you willing to take a chance and try it?

Weird Foods: Balut: The Duck Pupil

People in the Philippines like to eat balut on the street, but it’s not for the weak of heart. The duck egg has been fertilized and has a baby that is almost fully formed inside. Balut is usually boiled and eaten with vinegar, salt, and sometimes a splash of salt. Would you be willing to try this one-of-a-kind and somewhat difficult treat?

This is Hákarl, the Fermented Shark.

An old Icelandic dish called Hákarl is made from shark meat that has been pickled. To do this, the shark has to be buried underground and left to break down for a few months. Because it contains ammonia, it smells bad and tastes strong and unpleasant. Are you brave enough to try this treat from Iceland?

The Swedish fermented fish called Surstromming

Another pickled treat is Surstromming, which comes from Sweden. Putting fish in a can and letting it ferment for months is how it’s made. The smell can be very strong when you open the can. It’s often served with potatoes and onions on flatbread. Are you ready to accept Surstromming’s strong smell and unique taste?

In conclusion

These five strange foods are an important part of the food traditions of their various areas, but they might not be for everyone. If you ever get the chance to travel and try these unique foods, you might find a new favorite or at least something interesting to talk about with your friends about your food trips. Remember that food is all about discovering and enjoying the different tastes that the world has to offer, even if they are a little out of the ordinary.